In the Overview section, you can select one of 3 dashboards:

  • Weekly Pulse
  • ENPS
  • Open questions

The individual dashboards show information gathered by the Weekly Pulse questionnaire.

Which dashboard shows which results?

Weekly Pulse dashboard
This dashboard shows the Engagement Score which is the average of the 9 metrics which make up this survey. The Engagement chart ① shows the total result including a comparison to the previous week and the Engagement History chart ②‚ shows the results of the last calendar weeks.

Secondly, the results of the themes discussed in the survey are displayed using 9 metrics and a varied number of submetrics. 

The 9 metrics and their submetrics:

  1. Satisfaction: Compensation, Benefits, Job Security and Workplace.
  2. Empowerment: Role & Tasks, Workflow Processes, Equipment & Tools, Autonomy and Performance Management. 
  3. Personal Growth: Learning & Development, Mastery, Career Opportunities, Mentoring and Purpose.
  4. Relationship with Peers: Communication, Collaboration, Trust and Friendship.
  5. Management Relationship: Trust in Management, Trust by Management, Communication, Collaboration, Support from Management.
  6. Recognition & Feedback: Feedback Frequency, Feedback Quality, Recognition Frequency, Recognition Quality and Suggestions.
  7. Alignment: Vision & Mission, Communication of Strategy, Values and Ethics & Responsibility.
  8. Ambassadorship: Championship, Pride and Commitment.
  9. Wellbeing: Work-Life-Balance, Stress, Health and Safety.

If you place your cursor above a submetric, its individual result is shown. The total result for the metric is displayed above the chart in figures and the colour of these figures indicates how good or bad the total feedback for this metric was.

ENPS dashboard

In this dashboard, the NPS results of the survey are displayed. These are shown in months and not weeks as NPS questions are asked just once, at the start of each month.

The ENPS gauge ① shows the total result with a comparison to the previous month and the Engagement History line chart ②‚ shows the results of the last months. Your average is shown here compared to the company's average.

Open Questions dashboard

All answers to the open questions of the Weekly Pulse Survey are shown here.

Can I choose to display results for particular periods of time in the Overview?

Both the ENPS and Open Question dashboards can be displayed monthly. However, this is not the case with the Weekly Pulse dashboard. Here, it is the results of the current week which are displayed.

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