First go to the "Surveys" section. Then click on the "Edit" button to the right of your Pulse survey:

An editing window will appear where you can set various things. This section is divided into:

  • Schedule
  • Questions
  • Recipients

In the "Schedule" section, you can decide:

  • if your Pulse survey should be weekly or monthly
  • how many questions should be asked in each cycle (anything between 6 and 12 is possible)
  • when the survey should take place (anything between Monday and Sunday for the weekly Pulse and day 1 to day 28 for the monthly Pulse is possible).

The system will show you your current settings in the "General Settings" box on the right.

Remember to save these settings!

In the "Questions" section, you can see the entire list of Pulse questions (roughly 120 in total) and can decide to deactivate any questions that shouldn't be asked at all by clicking on the green button on the right of the question. 

If you click on "Preview", you will see the questions which have been selected for the current cycle.

In the last section, "Recipients", you choose who should take part in the survey. You can add either groups or individual employees. 

In order to add whole groups, simply click on "Add all". The system will show you how many employees are in each group. In this example, there are 4:

If you would like more detailed information about a particular group, click on the grey arrow on the right.

Now it is possible to select individual departments/locations etc. For example, Marketing:

You will see exactly which groups have been selected in the "Recipient List" box:

Remember to save these changes too!

Click here to learn how to add employees.

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